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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Vets in Cairo

This post refreshed and revised: 25th February 2010 and minor amendments 11th April 2011 and further on 8th September 2011.

24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE: Dr Ahmed Hesham, Mohandseen,  Tel: 0106344025 - 02 37 626 883 - See (D) below for further details.

 (I have not used his services personally but two friends of mine have.).


I have listed a number of vets recommended to me by people in different parts of Cairo: 6th October City, Maadi, New Maadi, Heliopolis, Zamalek, Mohandseen, DownTown.

I have personally used Dr Rania of Vets in Practice (Maadi and 6th October City)- and I have given directions to her 6th October clinic below the list of vets. Another friend has used and highly recommends Pet Vet in Heliopolis.

Please note that people are advised to use the resources of Google EXTENSIVELY when checking out vets on line.  In particular you might like to google "Ingrid's Cats" Cairo
(Ingrid is not a vet, but someone with some experience you may wish to be aware of) concerning My Pet Clinic otherwise known as El Meeraj Pet Clinic. and may now be operating as Orabi Pet Clinic.  Not recommended is all I will say. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

This is not an exhaustive list.

(A) -VETS IN PRACTICE  - Dr. Rania Kashif - MAADI and 6TH OCTOBER

Personally used by me.

All services for pets:
- Maadi Branch
24 D. A. Shokery Abd-el Halim St., New Maadi,
Tel.: 002-251 644 28, Mobile: 010-620 56 94

- 6th of October Branch (instructions to find this practice towards the end of this post).
District 8th, El Tahrir St.,
Tel.: 002-383 783 36, Mobile: 010 900 87 36

There is a Facebook Group for this practice: Vets in Practice Facebook Group


Recommended by a friend who has used them personally. (Also see comments posted below - the vets have been invited to respond but have not yet).

20 El Horeya St. Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: 002 02 24170494

Website: Pet Vet Clinic


(C) Dr Amir Mikhail - NEW MAADI

used to work at ESAF, now clinic in Maadi and online shop.

5/1 Small Lasilki St, New Maadi.
Tel (SMS ONLY): 0103458080, and 02-25203267 (12-4pm only)

Website: Our Pet Clinic
He also has a free online advise response.


42 Adna Street - Off Shehab Street, Next to El Safa medical tower - Mohandessen

Tel: 0106344025 - 02 37 626 883
Dr Ahmed Hesham Facebook Group

Emails: /

(E) Dr. Rafik Nashed Helmy - ZAMALEK and DOWNTOWN

7 Shafik Mansour St., Off Hassan Sabry St.
Zamalek, Cairo

- 50 Kasr El Nil St.,
Downtown, Cairo
Clinic: 3914314
Mobile: 012 3102401

(F) Dr. Farouk Bahgat head of Cairo Veterinary Association, Veterinary Consultant to ESAF and has his own clinic in Maadi

14/3 El Shatre El Shabeh St.,
Apt 2, New Maadi, Cairo
Clinic: 7044225
Mobile: 012 2198733

(F) Dr. Nevin Hosni Hammad,
20, Sh. El-Hegaz, Mohandessin,
Tel.: 334 756 40, Mobile: 010-141 20 22.

I have personally used Dr Rania of 'Vets in Practice' - in fact one of my poor kitties is there right now waiting to have an xray on his leg tomorrow. Also, one of my cats got very ill in May - some kind of accident I dont know what - we think she must have fallen very awkwardly but couldn't use her backlegs at all - spent 10 days in Dr Rania's and is now 99.5% better - back to being a naughty, cheeky 12 year old kitten ;)
Update on my boy: Not good news for my baby boy - he is suffering major age-related defects - the x-ray showed no fluid in his knees joints, a herniated disc in his spine and a partially collapsed lung with a 'shadow' in it. She said that these would have been coming on over several years.

Costs: (Cat1) 4 nights in vets + xrays + meds = 270LE, (Cat2) 10 nights in vets + meds = 250LE.

Update: 25th February 2010 - Both kitties are very very well now after their trials and tribulations of their first few months here. Approaching their 14th birthday and I couldn't wish for 2 healthier kitties.

Update: 11th April 2011 - my boy has been a bit poorly. Had halitosis and dribbling for a while. Then on Friday he went to eat a few times but didn't, and on Saturday took a bite of nugget food and fair screamed in pain. So we went to Rania in the evening and he had a broken molar and swollen tonsils and a couple of other minor things. Anyway, we now have a much happier kitty and no halitosis :)  Just need to find somewhere to get gauntlets for administering the mouth wash.... Both kitties are just 10 weeks and 1 day off their 15th birthdays and healthier now than they were about 3 years ago.

Anyway - how to get to Dr Rania in 6th October City:

Vets in Practice - Dr Rania - has clinics in 6th October City and Maadi. Mobile 0109008736.
The 6th October clinic is located in 8th District, El Tahrir St, 6th October City, approx 5 minutes drive from Hosary Mosque.

I will give directions if you approach Hosary Mosque from the North. Reach the roundabout at Hosary Mosque and turn right (towards Diamond Mall). Continue straight on and cross the Mehwar, continue straight on with the garden centre on your left. Follow the road round - you are driving down the right hand side - keep a look out on your left - the opposite side of the road - for a small parade of shops with a pharmacy at the right hand end and the red and white striped Vets In Practice sign visible. You need to drive down the road until you can do a Uturn, then come back up the other side. The entrance to the vets is round the corner from the sign that you saw and a very neat and pretty garden in front.

ESAF = Egyptian Society for Animal Friends

Egyptian Society for Animal Friends

The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends is an officially registered charitable organization (registration # 5034, issued March 12, 2002) based in New Maadi, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt. Our mission is to increase public awareness of both welfare issues for all animals in Egypt as well as how those issues impact the living environment for the people of Egypt, and to give a helping hand to abandoned and stray animals.

As of 2006 ESAF received a new registration number, this was because of ESAF moved it's H.Q from Maadi district in Cairo to Shabramont district in Giza . The new registration number is 2798 /2006.


Lara Al said...

I took my cat to Pet Vet Clinic in Heliopolis for a minor toothache, and they performed a minor surgery by removing 2 of her teeth. All well so far. The bing they used on her was so strong, it took her about 2 days to wake up from it! She stopped eating and drinking water and her health deterioated drastically! Pet Vet Clinic took some blood from her (no gloves), then gave US the blood to take and be tested! They did not do any other tests such as ultrasounds, x-rays, etc... Then someone called us and told us that her tests are all normal except for her liver which was slightly high and very treatable. But WHY was she not eating?!! To that they had no answer. After antibiotcs, liver medicine and the IV, my cat was still not getting better.

I lived in Oman and took her to the vet there, with antibiotics she was normal, then 2 weeks after arriving in Cairo, her teeth started hurting and she stopped eating.

My cat died today morning :( I blame the Pet Vet Clinic completely because she was absolutely normal in Oman and took he vaccinations. The Pet Vet Clinic is unhygenic, they do not use gloves, they do not clean the counter tops after other sick animals and the cleaning boy who cleans the bird cages gave my cat her shot!!!!!!
I don't know if they even used the same needles on her as they did on other animals!

The most important and vital point is this: There were several other animals (3 cats and 2 dogs) with the same thing that my cat had. They were all normal, then stopped eating and drinking suddenly. Is this a coincedence??? I think not. Pet Vet Clinic has staff working there that are not even Vets and these people perform surgery's!!!

I just wrote this to warn people about going to Pet Vet Clinic in Heliopolis. Save ur pets from dying while you still can :( its too late to save my loved one but you still can.

Oldbag of Cairo said...

I am sorry about what has happened to your cat.

Please note that I have no personal experience of this vetinary practice and other friends have recommended it to me.

I will invite the vet practice to make a response.

Lisa said...

Dr. Rafik Nashed Helmy he is completely incompetent, my cat could not pee and I called him to ask what should be done because the cat was screaming and in pain. He told me give him motilium and hot water in his belly and call him after 1 hour. I did call him and told him that the cat was getting worse, he told me to continue to put hot towels in his belly. At that point the cat was toxic and i run to an emergency vet, the cat is dying from a blockage and if something was done when i called Rafik nothing like this would happen.

Oldbag of Cairo said...

Lisa - sorry to hear that. Which vet did you take your cat to in the end and is kitty alright?

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