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New page for recommendations.

Please note that any service provider listed here has been PERSONALLY used by me and I am happy with their service. Please note that I do not provide recommendations for any service NOT PERSONALLY USED BY ME.

1. Plumber

Company Name: Reba Sabak
Location: Shubra (will travel - came out to me in 6th October City)
Contact: 0124156996
Price: Reasonable, not the cheapest but actually SOLVES the problem unlike many cheaper plumbers.
Speaks: Arabic only, no English.
Own transport? No (in common with many Egyptian tradesmen)
Who came: guy named Sharif and an assistant

Work done for me - July 2011
sorted out two leaking toilets and associated pipework and cleaned up after themselves.  Also, unasked, remortared around the toilet, rehung the shatafer attachment (which had broken off a long time ago) and also remortared some water-damaged tiles in the front hallway.

What I had to do:
accompany plumber to merchants to purchase parts after he had selected them
accompany plumber in taxi to next development from mine as plumbers' merchant in my locality did not have requisite parts

Duration of visit: 5 hours

Cost: 200LE + parts + taxi fares to fetch parts + I also gave a big tip equivalent to the taxi fare from my home to Shubra and stated that was how I arrived at it.

Work done for others that I know about:

March 2010

sorted out a persistant leak from the flat upstairs from mine which involved removing tiling and repairing pipework under the bath after a succession of cheaper plumbers had failed to resolve the issue

Cost: 200LE

2. Vet

Dr Rania Kashif
- Maadi Branch
24 D. A. Shokery Abd-el Halim St., New Maadi,
Tel.: 002-251 644 28, Mobile: 010-620 56 94

- 6th of October Branch (instructions to find this practice towards the end of this post).
District 8th, El Tahrir St.,
Tel.: 002-383 783 36, Mobile: 010 900 87 36

See more detailed post about vets and how to reach Dr Rania in 6th October City here:
Blog post about Vets in Cairo

3. Dentist

details to follow when I check the info.

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