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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Volcano - British Embassy Cairo - letter to people stranded by volcano

This was sent out this morning by the British Embassy:

20 April 2010

To Whom It May Concern

We know that there are large numbers of British citizens stranded across Egypt from Sharm to Luxor - over 20,000 we estimate. You will all be keen to return home to the UK as soon as is feasible, however pleasant it may be here in Egypt.

The British Government is working hard on a plan to get you home: more information on that plan is set out elsewhere on this web-site. I wanted to let you know that we at the British Embassy here in Egypt are also doing what we can to assist those in need whilst they are stranded. We have been working closely with the Egyptian authorities. We are visiting the airports, speaking regularly to the airline companies, tour operators and travel agents.

The British Government is looking at the option of Spain becoming a Hub very carefully and will make a decision in the next day or so. However, our strong advice is not to travel to Spain but to stay where you are and stay in close contact with your airlines and tour operator.

More advice is set out on this web-site and on the FCO web-site [ and] and the FCO has set up a consular emergency contact phone number + 44 207 008 0000 which can provide advice on specific cases.

Please be assured we will continue to provide assistance as necessary and I will ensure that this web-site is up-dated with new information as it becomes available. You should also register on LOCATE to ensure you receive latest updates. You can register by logging on to our website
Please keep yourself updated by checking our websites: and

Dawn Naughton
HM Consul

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