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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Just in case - contingency plan - useful links

Everyone's aware of the situation in Tahrir and other cities around Egypt right now.  The protests are geographically confined to quite small areas at present, and life is pretty normal in most other areas, albeit somewhat economically depressed.

Elections are due to start on Monday and over the next 3 Mondays.  The powers that be are pretty adamant they are going ahead.  In any case, there is a possibility that things might become a little heated.

Some of the big British companies (and I assume other nationalities) have offered their employees 'early Christmas holidays' and have done or are flying them out in the next few days.

The British Embassy sent round a document tonight as an email attachment on being prepared, I copy the text at the bottom of this post.  But first some links and other notes:


British Citizens LOCATE service:

American Citizens Smart Traveler service:

British Embassy in Egypt Facebook:

US Embassy in Egypt Facebook:

If there are similar services for other countries, please feel free to post relevant links in comments (comments are moderated before publishing to avoid spam).


I would also ask if you have pets to please try and make adequate arrangements for their care in the event that you have to leave.  There were some tragic pet tales during Revo 1.0  where pets were abandoned by owners or left locked in apartments with no food or water.  Unfortunately, I have to advise that the British authorities (DEFRA) were utterly intransigent on the matter of pets having to fly cargo (I phoned them on behalf of others) - which takes pre-arrangement and would be impossible in an airlift. They were not even prepared to contemplate people taking their pets on planes and having them received by quarantine officials and taken straight to quarantine even though (I believe) you can take pets into the UK with no vaccinations providing that they do go straight to quarantine under usual regulations.  Utter jobsworths in my opinion.  

Quarantine regulations for the UK are changing on January 1st BUT until then, pets coming in from Egypt are still technically required to serve 6 months quarantine (though there is some suggestion that for pets already in quarantine on January 1st who satisfy some conditions, this may be relaxed).  Even when regs change, your pets are STILL REQUIRED to have had various paperwork and treatments 6 months before entering the country.  If you want to take your pets, please get them prepared in advance 'just in case' and you can take them hand to several European countries if that suits you better eg Italy, Spain, Germany - I think - check with the airlines for up to date information. You can take pets in on the Eurotunnel but NOT EUROSTAR from Europe so long as the paperwork is in order.


See this article by One Fleeting Glimpse for her round up! 

After reading her report, you will realize the truth that the majority of Embassies are NOT THERE for their citizens but to represent the country's interests. Not the same thing!

See this forum of International teachers for how different employing schools performed:

If anyone has any links to other information about how different employers performed (that is in the public arena), please post in the comments! No libellous posts please!

British Embassy Cairo

Contingency planning tips for businesses and organisations

It is better to be proactive in the event of the security situation should deteriorate.   Here is a list of possible tasks you can prepare in advance:

·         Ensure yours and your family’s  passport is current.   If your immediate family members are not British nationals ensure that they have valid and up to date travel documents for the country of their nationality. During a crisis, UK passport or visa services may be extremely limited, which could make leaving with your non-British national family members more complicated.
·         Firstly register with us on Locate and keep your registration up to date. Ensure you include all your contact details including a landline. Those registered with Locate at the moment are receiving prompt and regular email updates. 
·         Stock up on food and water sufficient to last for at least one week, in the event that you are unable to leave your home.
·         Ensure that all vehicle and domestic generator fuel supplies are as full as possible.
·         Check serviceability of vehicles and generators.
·         Check serviceability of communications equipment.
·         Have a reserve of funds at your office and/or home
·         Confirm that you have sufficient medical supplies.
·         Know who your warden is and check means of communication with them and British Embassy.
·         Prepare small holdall of:
a)      Passports
b)      Essential papers: e.g. birth/marriage certificates, chequebook, title deeds, etc
c)       Vaccination certificates
d)      Valuables
e)      Clothes and cash to cover a period of crisis away from home.

·         Read and follow our travel advice and information.  You should be aware that your insurance may no longer be valid if you do not follow our travel advice.
·         If you are here as a tourist, take out adequate travel insurance.  Expats should assess and consider the risks against any personal or corporate insurance policies.
·         If you are with a company or an organisation, find out what their contingency plans are, and what they will provide for you.
·         Be prepared to leave the country at the earliest opportunity, in line with our travel advice. This may be complex if you are a permanent resident with family or business interests in the country. However, if you do not, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to assist you to leave the country at a later stage.
·         Monitor the media for updates and be alert to rapid developments at all times.
·         Monitor the Embassy website ( )and Embassy Facebook site.  We will keep in touch with you via the wardens network, LOCATE, UKinEgypt website, via the British Business Group and the UKinEgypt  Facebook site.
·         If you manage a business or organisation ensure you have the contact details for your staff and that you set up a telephone tree to cascade information.

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